Thursday, 26 November

A grenade exploded in the district hospital in the city of Rozdilna, Odesa region, resulting in the death of a man and a woman. This was reported in the police of the area.

According to preliminary data, a resident of 1965 was born to the 44-year-old employee of the hospital’s food unit. He probably brought with him two grenades.

The woman and the man were in a separate building. When the man closed the door, there was an explosion.

The police who arrived at the scene saw checks from two grenades through the window, while the blast was one. Because of the danger, they did not enter the premises, but surrounded the building and summoned explosives.

“Experts of the explosive service disarmed the RGD-5 grenade, which was actuated and was in an extremely dangerous condition, but the explosion did not happen,” the message said.

They also determined that an F-1 grenade exploded, causing the man and woman to die. No one else was hurt.

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