On August 6, senior sailor Oleksander Sharko, sailor Vladyslav Rak, soldier Sergy Shandra, and sailor Vasyly Kurdov of the 36th Brigade of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces were killed in the area of Operation of the Joint Forces.

In particular, the press service of the Chernihiv Regional Military Commissariat reported that as a result of the shooting, the senior sailor Oleksander Sharko – born in 1988 – was killed. Sharko is originally from Kozelets district of Chernihiv region. In the brigade, he was an assistant grenade launcher.

It is also reported that the sailor Vladyslav Rak – born in 1998 was killed. He comes from a village of Kozelets in Chernihiv region. He served as a grenade launcher in the Marine Corps.

Vinnytsia edition Vezha reports that as a result of the shelling, a soldier from the village of Torchyn, Khmelnytskyi district, Vinnytsia region, Sergy Shandra, was killed. The military was born in 1995.

UA. Mykolaiv notes that the fourth lost was the sailor Vasyl Kurdov born in 1999. Kurdov is originally from Hannivka village in Bratsk district of Mykolaiv region. He served as a gunner in the assault company of the 36th Brigade of Marine Corps named after Mykhaylo Bilynsky.

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