A new flash mob supporting Ulana Suprun was launched on the network. Users demand to leave Mrs. Ulana on her position in the new Cabinet of Ministers. We tell in Reactions why our country needs Suprun, and what hashtags #SelfiewithU and #Ulanaasaminister are for.

A public activist Serhiy Sternenko, whose life has been attempted on three times, noted that there are catastrophically few Ministers and officials in our country who inspire confidence, and even fewer of those who literally go against the system and introduce positive changes. According to Sternenko, Ulana Suprun is one of such atypical officials.

A blogger Anton Khodza also wrote a post in support of Ulana Suprun, citing a number of simple questions that seem to explain quite transparently why we should not change the head of the Ministry of Health. The author also reminded of debunking of the myths about the Mantoux test and sitting in a draft, the support of social activists and the fight against the pharmaceutical mafia.

Oleksiy Tsymbaliuk, a war veteran, an activist and the “killer” of Arkadiy Babchenko, recalled how in 2014 Suprun came to the base of the “Right Sector” and taught tactical medicine. She brought a hundred emergency kits and real paramedic backpacks.

A journalist Aider Muzhdabayev also opposed the dismissal of Ulana Suprun from office, noting that this might be the first major mistake of the new government. Muzhdabayev notes that the support of the official is the most proper step in the direction of civil society with the new government.

A blogger Ivan Oberemko is convinced that Ulana Suprun and preserving the path of her reforms are one of the biggest challenges for Volodymyr Zelensky.

Serhii Marchenko, a blogger, and a labor market expert called Suprun one of the ministers who are indeed difficult to blame for personal enrichment at the state expense. But Marchenko doesn’t believe that the new government listens to the participants of the flash mob. In his opinion, they don’t listen to anybody yet, nevertheless writing a post in support of the official is important. At least to feel who’s ready for action.

An activist Kateryna Butko noted that this is probably the first flash mob in the history in support of the Minister. According to the author, no one in the government of Volodymyr Groysman deserves to remain in office as much as Suprun does.

Vladyslav Greziev, a licensee and a curator of TEDxKyiv, the head and a co-founder of the public organization OPIR.ORG, is convinced that there are no alternatives to Ulana Suprun yet because this is the first Minister who decided to go against the system and launch a full-fledged transformation. According to Greziev, Suprun is the best official in our country of all times.

Pavlo Bondarenko, a coordinator of TEDxKyiv, is also convinced that Ulana Suprun is the most principled, patriotic and professional person in this government. And therefore it is necessary to defend the current course and synchronize the fact of her tenure with the full appointment of the Minister.

Oleksandr Yabchanka, an expert of Reanimation Package of Reforms, is convinced that we can surely divide recent years into “before” and “after” Ulana Suprun. “Before”, he said, there was a lot of talks and little practical action. Real steps began in the “after” times.

Andriy MedGoblin, an anesthesiologist, a candidate of medical sciences, an author of scientific papers and several patents, stressed that if we give Ulana Suprun up now, the next chance for change will pop up in the times of our grandchildren. If it pops up at all.

According to a journalist and an activist Pavlo Ostrovsky, Suprun’s team was able to implement many important changes in the interests of patients, launched a large-scale medical reform, which other Ministers only pathetically talked about, and proved that changes are possible. Even with insane sabotage at the local level. And the official managed to increase the attention of the Ukrainians to their health, and we should thank her separately for that, according to the author.

And finally, a great work by the artist Andriy Yermolenko.

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