Saturday, 28 November

Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

An active cyclone from the Balkans recently swept through Ukraine so rapidly, that, for example, in Odesa, two monthly norms of precipitation fell in one day. Bad weather raged in the South, covered the East and Central parts of Ukraine. Rains significantly reduced the temperature and contributed to the beloved Ukrainian fun: oh no, we can’t wait till it’s over and what did we do to deserve this?

Therefore, the atmosphere decided not to bring the situation to extremes, kicked the cyclone out, hired an anticyclone, changed the North-West wind to the South-West wind and agreed with the southern latitudes on the supply of warm air.

In the coming days, the temperature in Ukraine is expected to increase to hot values. During the day, the thermometer will fluctuate within +25+30 degrees. In the southern part, in the East and in the center +28+33 degrees are expected at times. In the North-West of Ukraine, the air will be fresher, with +23+26 degrees.

Next week the weather will show slight thermal fluctuations. On Monday, August 12, the air temperature will drop slightly in the North and North-East and will be +22+27 degrees, and in the Western regions, on the contrary, it will be warmer.

In the southern part and in most central regions, the heat will increase, and in the middle of next week, on August 13-14, just on Makoviya, the air temperature will be +28+34 degrees – just like real summer. On August 14, the cooling, brief but significant, will come to the Western regions, +20+24 degrees are expected. However, in general, it can be concluded that recent blankets and even light down jackets will be inappropriate in the nearest future. Warm weather will dominate.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


An important detail. On August 8 in most regions of Ukraine, the South-West wind is expected to strengthen to storm gusts, up to 15-20 m/sec. Cyclone with showers, hail, and squalls has long been a meteorological history, but the atmospheric fronts will visit Ukraine in the near future.

Short-term rains with thunderstorms are most likely in the Western regions and in the North of the territory. But the southern part, the center and the eastern regions of Ukraine will be influenced by the anticyclone – dry sunny weather will dominate.

In Kyiv, the end of the week will be warm, even hot, the temperature will reach +27+30 degrees during the day. It will be hotter on August 8-9, and the air temperature will drop to +26+28 degrees at the weekend.

At the beginning of next week, the hot air mass will prevail in the capital. A weakening of the heat is expected from the second half of the week. During August 8-11 intermittent rains and thunderstorms are possible in Kyiv at times. On August 8, the South-West wind will increase to 15-18 m/sec.

The new week in the capital will not bring significant precipitation, but on August 15 there is a probability of short-term precipitation and local thunderstorms.

Summer goes on, August pleases our eyes with watermelons, plums, apricots, and eggplant of incredible colors, some people already feel the autumn is coming and get sad because of the fresh morning, and some people enjoy the sun and warmth as if the summer has just begun. Everyone finds something for them in August, the maturity of the summer gives us many opportunities to be happy. The main thing is to use it correctly.

Natalka Didenko

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