Editor-In-Chief of the Russian “Echo of Moscow” Aleksey Venediktov told the propaganda edition “Strana.Ua” about his intention to open a representative office of the radio station in Kyiv, provided that… the language quotas act will be revised. We tell what people think about it in the network in Reactions (censored).

A journalist Igor Solovey reminded that Venediktov had several attempts “to stick” “Echo of Moscow” into the Ukrainian market. The first of them was during the Orange revolution. The second one took place in the times of Yanukovych. And here is a new attempt – during the presidency of Volodymyr Zelensky. The journalist says that the main goal is to create a precedent for changing the language law and get direct access to Ukrainian ears.

A journalist Aider Muzhdabayev explained briefly: “Echo of Moscow” is a media outlet that invites and publishes Russian terrorists and people who murder Ukrainians. In fact, the author is convinced that Venediktov’s step is an attempt to direct sabotage of the Kremlin in Ukraine.

A public activist Serhii Sternenko stated in his comment on this news: the Russians should be in Russia, and not continue to travel freely to Ukraine and even teach us how we should live. In addition, the activist noted that Venediktov took a photo against the background of the Security Service of Ukraine after the interview for “Strana”. Sternenko says this photo bullies the intelligence service and all of us.

A blogger Olena Monova is sure: the mere fact that the chief editor of “Echo” decided to come to Ukraine and announce some plans, while also putting forward conditions for the revision of the law on language quotas, says a lot. By and large – it says everything.

A writer Andrei Kurkov tried to explain everything as simple as possible: there is no “Echo of Kyiv” in Moscow, as in Kyiv itself, because the city lives for itself and for Ukraine, without the desire to impose its echo around the world. But the residents of Donbas have been hearing the “Echo of Moscow” for five years.

A diplomat Dmytro Kuleba advised Venediktov as a real Russian liberal and a patriot to take such a photo in front of the building of FSB on Lubyanka. So that behind him there is a door of FSB that was just set by him on fire. But such pictures in front of the SSU, according to Kuleba, is mere bullying of the liberality of the host country.

A people’s deputy of the eighth convocation Borislav Bereza has reacted sharply negatively to the possibility of the emergence of “Echo of Moscow” in Kyiv, adding that with the same success, the radio station may be renamed to “Echo of Mordor” or “Toilet Echo”. However, according to Bereza, they will never emerge in Ukraine.

A political strategist Oleksii Holobutsky briefly stated: in some cases, the muzzle and a short leash of the Kremlin for the Russian “media” are obviously useful thing.

A journalist Maryna Danyliuk-Yarmolaieva said: we don’t need the “Echo of Moscow” in Ukraine and the Russian stars and preachers in the Ukrainian cities, because we have our own, Ukrainian radio stations and our own artists and poets.

But a journalist and a volunteer Olha Reshetylova offered to look at the situation from a slightly different angle: additional citizens of the Russian Federation in the Ukrainian prisons will not hurt anyone, because they can replenish the exchange fund. So welcome here.

Reactions were collected by the “Echo of the Goat” himself, Stepan the Goat

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