Wednesday, 2 December

European Solidarity Party leader Petro Poroshenko said his interrogation as a witness in the case of possible tax evasion while buying the Priamyi channel was pressure on journalists and an attempt to raid the TV channel, initiated by, according to the fifth president of Ukraine, Andriy Portnov.

“There is every reason to say that we are dealing with an attempt to raid the Priamyi channel, initiated by Mr. Portnov (former deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine of Viktor Yanukovych times),” Petro Poroshenko told reporters.

He noted that according to Andriy Portnov, who “has nothing to do with the truth,” the State Bureau of Investigation has been “trying to terrorize journalists” for more than three months.

“I do not trust the DBD, their leadership. I do not believe in the objectivity and impartiality of the investigation. At the same time on the Priamyi channel those questions – and I have a list of them – I am ready to voice. I am ready to go through the lie detector live on the Priamyi channel,” Poroshenko said at a briefing in Kyiv.

At the same time, he denies any links with the TV channel.

“Once again, I declare that I have no relation to the ownership or management of the Priamyi channel,” Poroshenko added.

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