Thursday, 26 November

Zelensky simplified the granting of Ukrainian citizenship to foreigners who defended our country and to Russians who experience political persecution. What was social media’s response to such a decree – we tell you in the reactions.

Political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovska is convinced that Zelensky’s decision to simplify obtaining of citizenship for Russians is a big mistake. The author of the post explains that to be in the Russian opposition is not always to be in favour of Ukraine. And secondly, according to the expert, first of all, provocateurs and agents of the Russian special services will use the simplified procedure.

The veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war and blogger Roman Kulyk stressed that there were no questions regarding the first category of persons for whom citizenship granting was simplified – those who took part in the war. However, as for the Russians who have been politically persecuted, Kulyk is convinced that exception can be made only for those who help our prisoners in the Russian Federation and representatives of indigenous peoples who oppose to the federal government of Russia.

The People’s Deputy of the Eighth Convocation, Sergey Vysotsky, believes that the existence of a political asylum institute is just enough to protect the Russians persecuted by the Kremlin. Instead, in Zelensky’s mind, according to the politician, there is a concept of Ukraine as another Russia.

Journalist Marina Danylyuk-Yarmolayeva believes that such a decision by the president is absolutely not suitable for us, because “every Russian liberal wants to make another Russia here.” In the end, the author states that Zelensky’s team is a specialist in digitization, and Putin’s team is able to successfully send agents on vacations and to work as journalists.

Historian and journalist Vakhtang Kipiani also criticized the president’s decision, saying that the status of a political refugee is enough for Russians.

Civil activist and Vidsich movement activist Serhii Osnach reminded that the law on language stipulates passing a language exam in order to obtain citizenship unless it is of national interest or person provided significant service to Ukraine. According to Osnach, the mass distribution of passports to Russian “opposition members” – not only doesn’t represent a state interest for Ukraine but directly contradicts it.

Instead, political expert Olexiy Minakov sees a positive side in Zelensky’s decree. According to him, the Kremlin will accept such a decision as a slap, therefore the distance between Kyiv and Moscow will only increase. The expert adds – this is a direct response to Putin’s decision to simplify obtaining Russian passports for residents of occupied areas.

Civil activist Andrii Smolii, in his turn, believes that under the guise of “politically persecuted Russians”, sycophants of the “Russian world” that are seeking to build another Russia may get to Ukraine without the Ukrainian language, culture, movement towards Europe and Ukrainian values.

Political scientist and journalist Stanislav Fedorchuk also criticized the president’s decision, recalling that the Ukrainian diaspora, which supported Ukraine in its darkest times, still has no privileges in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

Blogger Olha Len also opposed Zelensky’s decision. In her opinion, here it’s better to discuss not simplification, but a single procedure for everybody.

Semen Kabakayev, the coordinator of the Stop Terror group, has openly opposed the fact of obtaining of Ukrainian citizenship by Russian “liberals” who are constantly failing the question – to whom belongs Crimea?

The People’s Deputy of the Eighth Convocation Volodymyr Ariev stressed that the decree does not yet have any safeguards against the infiltration of Russian destabilization scenario. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant when, according to the decree, the relevant draft law will be introduced.

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