Wednesday, 2 December

With the launch of the new electricity market on July 1, 2019, the cost of electricity for industrial consumers in Ukraine has become 20% higher than the similar cost of electricity in Europe as Ukrenergo chairman Vsevolod Kovalchuk announced.

He said after the launch of a new electricity market, energy prices for industrial companies increased by 20-25%, but at the same time, they did not change for the population due to the introduction of a special obligation by the government to sell electricity at the previous tariff to the people.

“The rise in electricity prices was caused by three components: an increase in the price of electricity as a product, an increase in ‘green’ energy and compensation for ‘green’ tariff,” Kovalchuk said.

According to Ukrenergo calculations, the price of electricity for the population without the cost of their transmission and distribution is currently 200 UAH per megawatt-hour, while for the industry this price is 1700 UAH per megawatt-hour, i.e. 8.5 times higher.

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