The Kyiv District Administrative Court reinstated the first Deputy Prosecutor General, Mykola Golomsha who was dismissed under the law On Purification of Power.

“Having considered the administrative case on the claim of Mykola Golomsha to the Prosecutor General’s Office, it decided to declare it illegal and to cancel the order of the GPU on his dismissal from the position of the first Deputy Prosecutor General and decided to reinstate Golomsha in office.

The court considers that the plaintiff cannot be held liable only for the fact of his occupation of a position which was not recognized as an offense at the time of his occupation by the plaintiff,” the message reads.

According to the court, during the lustration, Golomsha’s guilt was not proved, and the GPU, as defendant, did not provide to the court evidence that Golomsha promoted by his actions the usurpation of power by the fourth President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, whether it had to do with undermining the foundations of national security and defense or violation of rights and freedoms.

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