Wednesday, 25 November

Yesterday Zelensky dismissed Bezsmertny from the post of a representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite Contact Group. However, the diplomat found out about it… thanks to the journalists. We traditionally tell in Reactions how this decision of the president was estimated by the users of the network.

Roman Bezsmertny himself explained that the reason for his dismissal was his public position. In particular, regarding the tactics of actions on the line of demarcation and the tactics of actions in the negotiating group. According to the diplomat, he honestly, correctly and openly said that “we should act this way here, and that way there”.

A political scientist Mykhailo Basarab suggests that Bezsmertny could have not suited the president’s team just because his adequate assessment of the situation prevented the introduction of some inadequate peace initiatives through Minsk.

A people’s deputy of the eighth convocation Sergey Vysotsky called the dismissal of Bezsmertny “a mistake that will weaken Ukraine, not to mention the weakening of the president”.

Another people’s deputy and a former journalist Mustafa Nayyem also considers the dismissal of the diplomat a mistake, and in his opinion, such steps of the authorities create a sense of chaos and inconsistency in partners outside the country.

A journalist Aider Muzhdabayev also reacted negatively to the release of Roman Bezsmertny from the TCG and called it a “bad symptom”.

A political scientist Viktor Taran admitted that the release of Bezsmertny was not a surprise for him since the events of the last two weeks clearly demonstrated: Zelensky chose a consistent tactic of “appeasing the aggressor” and “playing along” in relations with Russia.

Yevhen Buderatsky, the deputy editor-in-chief of the edition “Ukrainska Pravda” recalled that the president returned diplomat in the Minsk group because he is a “skilled negotiator.” Now Zelensky removes Bezsmertny from TCG, despite his experience as a negotiator.

A blogger Serhii Marchenko noted that there are two important features in the “prickly and not very convenient” Bezsmertny – he is smart and he is a patriot. Now there is no patriot Bezsmertny in Minsk, but there is a businessman Pinchuk (Kuchma) there.

A people’s deputy of the eighth convocation Igor Lutsenko even assured that now it is not Zelensky that leads the “reconciliation” with Russia, but Kuchma and Pinchuk. The president, according to Lutsenko, only carries out their wishes.

A journalist and the editor-in-chief of Censor.Net Yurii Butusov assures that the dismissal of Roman Bezsmertny from the Tripartite Contact Group weakens the position of the president Zelensky in the negotiations with Russia.

Iryna Gerashchenko, the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation, also reacted negatively to the release of Bezsmertny, as, according to the deputy, he could strengthen both the power team and the negotiations themselves intellectually.

A political analyst Pavlo Nuss noted that Bezsmertny was in his place in the TCG. Besides, according to the expert, the dismissal without preliminary consultation of the parties shows the Ukrainian power not in the best way.

A political scientist Sergiy Taran noted that Roman Bezsmertny was eliminated on the eve of the next diplomatic battles for Ukraine, and this almost always means a change in negotiating positions.

The deputy minister for temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine George Tuka noted that the removal of Bezsmertny from the TCG this time has the same roots as the first time, in the time of Poroshenko’s ruling: both then and now Roman allowed himself to express his own point of view on the events in the country, which did not coincide with the position of the president.

Yuriy Romanenko, a political scientist, noted that the release of the diplomat demonstrates the chaos of leadership in the President’s Office and reminds about what happened to Donald Trump during the first year of the cadence.

A political expert Olexiy Minakov assured that Bezsmertny was “kicked out” because he did not fit into the general line of Zelensky’s team: he has too many opinions different from those of other members of the team.

Maria Kucherenko, an analyst of the Centre for Civil Society, is convinced that the release of Bezsmertny in this form is a very grave error.

Stepan the Goat collected reactions and checked if he wasn’t yet dismissed on the website of the president

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