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Makoviy divides happiness in half. Since until August 14, there is still hope that the summer will be eternal, but after Makoviy you already understand that autumn, even though it is beautiful, will come soon. No matter how hard the heat in Ukraine is raging these days, yet the sharp cold snap after the frenzied cold storm atmospheric fronts remind us that everything is transient.

By the end of this week, the Western part will be the coldest, with the maximum temperature not exceeding +18+23 degrees, and in some places, even +14+19 degrees are expected.

The heat will endure in the South, the East of Ukraine and in most Central areas, except for Vinnytsia oblast. The temperature will reach +30+35 degrees.

In the Northern regions, after a record of +35 degrees, the air temperature will drop to +20+26 degrees during August 15, 16, 17 and 18.

The weakening of the heat in the South and in the Eastern part will come at the weekend, +24+29 degrees are expected there.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


Strong heat can provoke fires, so be especially careful with it.

Significant fluctuations in the air temperature from +35 to +20 degrees will have a negative impact on the health of the elderly and people with cardiovascular diseases. Drink more water, be sure to contact the specialists in case of exacerbation and do not forget that fresh air is still more useful than a stuffy room.
While being in nature, the main thing is not to forget to clean up after yourself and respect the surrounding flowers, trees, bushes, and the whole forest kingdom.

Rains and thunderstorms are likely in the West of Ukraine until the end of the week, on Saturday and Sunday local precipitation will occur in the Eastern regions. When thunderstorms are approaching, immediately hide in the room, do not sit in the water, take care of the kids.

In the rest of Ukraine, in the North, in the Central regions, and in the Southern part dry solar air mass will be dominant. August 17 and 18 will be especially favorable for vacationers in the South, in traditional resort areas. After all, sunny dry weather without extreme heat with an air temperature of +26+29 degrees is expected there.

Next week promises to be mostly dry in Ukraine.

Some rains and thunderstorms will occur in the Eastern regions and the South-East, but a significant part of the territory will belong to the low-cloud sunny weather.

The air temperature will rise, but the heat is not expected. During the day, the thermometer will fluctuate within 25+30 degrees. In the middle of the week, it will be hotter only in the South and in the Central regions, +29+34 degrees are expected.

In Kyiv, the air temperature is expected to be comfortable until the end of this week, with the air temperature +22+25 degrees during the day. On Monday, the air will begin to warm up again and +25+28 degrees are expected in the capital.

Significant precipitation is not expected in Kyiv until the end of this week and in the first half of the next one. Therefore, there will be perfect weather for walking, relaxing and working outdoors in the nearest future in the capital.

Makoviy has passed, we ate enough honey and shulyks, Feast of the Saviour with its fantastic apples is approaching. And then the autumn will come.

The less of the summer is left, the more we will appreciate every day, regardless of the political or synoptic situation. Whatever they are. Because August promises and always comes, it will be with us, if not now, then in a year.


Natalka Didenko

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