Thursday, 26 November

None of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s personnel decisions is a hindrance to his meeting with US President Donald Trump, a matter only in agreeing schedules. This was stated by US Attorney William Taylor.

“It will happen soon. There will be a brief meeting either in Warsaw or New York. This will be an opportunity for presidents to say “Hello!” to each other, to personally greet each other. And a real, complete meeting will take place after that. I hope it will be in Washington in a month or two. This is where the real, meaningful communication of the presidents will be,” the diplomat said.

“There are no obstacles except for the issue of the schedule. Both presidents are clearly interested in the meeting, but both are busy people, it was not easy to find the time,” Taylor said when asked if Andriy Bohdan‘s appointment was a barrier to the meeting.

He added that he had not heard about the US dissatisfaction with the appointment of Andriy Bohdan as head of the president’s office.

The diplomat stressed that Zelensky has received very strong support in the elections and he has every right to choose his team as he sees fit, and the United States does not influence such decisions.

“There will be no estimates or statements about the team of the President of Ukraine from the USA. It is not the personalities that matter but the decisions and actions of the Ukrainian authorities. And if Zelensky remains committed to a democratic Ukraine, if he continues to address the problems with the Russian-led troops in Donbas, he will oppose Russia in regards to both Donbas and the Crimea, if he promotes reforms – that will be exactly what we seek,” Taylor explained.

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