It has never been, and here it is again. The People’s Deputy from Opposition Platform — for Life Vadym Rabinovych refused to switch to Ukrainian during a speech at the preparatory meeting of the Parliament, offering to invite … an interpreter. Like, his voters speak Russian. About old songs all over again read in reactions.

It is not that Rabinovych’s behavior could surprise anyone. Rather, it is quite expected for the people’s deputy from the Medvedchuk party. More perplexed were… Iryna Herashchenko and Dmytro Razumkov who actually “put Rabinovych in place”. As it was read in brief posts by Herashchenko.

How they reacted to Rabinovych’s “demarche,” in general, I think, is understandable. For example, Mykola Knyazhytsky, a co-author of the law on language, reminded the people’s deputy of OPFL that the use of the state language in the work of the parliament is not only a requirement of the law on regulations but also an obligation stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine. In short, Knyazhytsky offered Rabinovych two options: either not to take an oath, or to hate Ukrainian where the jurisdiction of our Constitution has not yet reached. Yeah, somewhere in Rostov, for example. I think Mr. Rabinovych would find voters and like-minded people there.

Political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovska assured that by his behavior Vadym Rabinovych demonstrated all the hopelessness of the party’s discourse on language. Like, the theme of the fridge for their voters goes much better.

Singer and TV host Anzhelika Rudnytska rhetorically asked if Rabinovych could behave like that in a country other than ours. Not very rhetorical answer: yes, we can even chip in on a one-way ticket.

Political technologist Yuriy Podorozhny stressed that Rabinovych had just again confirmed his status as a provocateur and a populist. Meanwhile, according to the expert, trends change, and “dancing on the language” should only cause disgust. Well, it seems that Mr. Rabinovych could not expect any other reaction. Am I confused again?

A Russian-Ukrainian war veteran and blogger Oleksiy Petrov has fantasized what a “boyar” Rabinovych could demand after receiving an interpreter. For example, translating the national anthem, a separate flag for a party, and more. Your obedient servant, meanwhile, does not tire of reminding Mr. Rabinovych that there has long been a country in which everything will seem to him so dear and familiar. I’m meaning well, Mr. Vadym. Or shall I translate?

Political expert and analyst at the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Denys Rybachok noted that it seems as if he had been on the street of the 19th century. Mr. Denys, I am afraid it is, unfortunately, true, for someone somewhere.

Blogger and Russian-Ukrainian war veteran, Roman Kulyk, noted that such, maybe, situational solidarity of Dmytro Razumkov and Iryna Herashchenko on the issue of the working language of parliament is good. Particularly remembering how Razumkov had recently tried to justify his “principled” Russian language on the air.

Oleksandr Marusyak, an international lawyer, held brief liberty for Rabinovych on his obligation to use Ukrainian.

Olena Kurbanova compared Rabinovych … with the twine of Volochkova. Very sophisticated and subtle humor for a very specific taste. But it’s written in Russian, so maybe at least Rabinovych can handle it without a translator.

But blogger Iryna Medushevska managed to explain the behavior of the people’s deputy in three words.

By the way, about the interpreter. Rumor has it that perhaps Rabinovych should still have one. At least, because the interpreter will act instead. Moreover, Mr. people’s deputy is thus unlikely to be able to fit into the regulations defined for the speeches.

You may be interested in what Rabinovich himself said … But in the meantime, he will only post links to sites with headlines about how the mysterious people’s deputy defended the rights of Russian-speaking people, glaringly repulsing attacks by “disgraced Bandera granteaters”. Well, or something like that.

Collected reactions a translator from Rabinovych’s language Stepan the Goat

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