Thursday, 27 February

Things such that clip-maker Alan Badoyev and choreographer Olena Kolyadenko became the directors of the March of Dignity, which is to replace the Independence Day parade. They even had time to hold their first rehearsal. The initial reactions of the network did not make themselves wait.

We got to know who the directors of the Walk of Dignity are thanks to Alan Badoev himself. The first rehearsal took place yesterday, August 15, at the Antonov aviation plant in Kyiv. Well, they couldn’t but take pictures.

Political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya noted that the years of war should take us back from postmodernism to modernism, that is, to an awareness of the basic attributes and institutions of the state. However, something obviously went wrong.

Volunteer and advisor to Petro Poroshenko, Yuriy Biryukov, regarded such organizational decisions as a disrespect to the Ukrainian army.

Blogger Olena Dobrovolska has hinted that in the organization of the March of Dignity are engaged people who are not quite aware of what independence of the state is. Meanwhile, according to the author, comments with criticism are removed under Badoev’s post.

Blogger Olha Len has hinted: it is likely that the services of directors of the March of Dignity are not so cheap compared to the parade, as it was assured by the new president.

The journalist Dmytro Lykhoviy also remembered that Volodymyr Zelensky planned to save money and pay additional servicemen bonuses. Instead, we see the preparation for a full-fledged show with directors whose services are obviously worth something.

Political scientist Volodymyr Makarovsky offered to invite singers Max Barskih and Maruv to the organization of the March of Dignity. New faces, am I confused again?

Even more skeptical about participation in the organization of the holiday of Badoev and Kolyadenko is blogger Iryna Medushevska. According to her, it’s the President of the Russian Federation who can take such Victory Parade in Ukraine.

Political columnist Pavlo Nuss stressed that pursuing a planned March of Dignity in openly Soviet traditions when veterans go with state employees and children instead of holding a proper military parade, is humiliating for both veterans themselves and those defending our country today.

Writer and veteran Yuriy Rudenko noted that participating in the organization of people from the show business is not so bad. Another thing is that Mr. Badoev, for example, visited Moscow two years ago.

The reaction of journalist Roman Skrypin seems quite natural.

And almost missed it, but Andriy Kuhta reminded: it turns out, Alan Badoyev filmed and continues to engage in music videos of Russian performers. Oh, it wasn’t long ago since it smelled like art beyond politics. Feel it?

And in order not to torment you with a lot of monotonous posts, I will share more folk networking art and some ironic and sarcastic posts. And then we’ll see if Loboda or Barskih turn up.

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