Wednesday, 2 December

On “another stupid sheep” and “servant of the people”

As you know, a good text differs from a bad one with accurate words and characteristic strokes – used to, for example, to reflect the character. So.

The newly elected people’s deputy Maksym Buzhansky insulated a journalist. For Ukraine, the phenomenon is not unique. Follow me from here. “Another dumb sheep, who is a journalist of the odious media NV (Novoye Vremya – editor), in an interview with a representative of the Servant of the People party stated that I was nostalgic for the USSR and “Yanukovych time,” quotes Buzhansky Radio Svoboda.

Про «чергову тупу вівцю» та «слугу народу»

Don’t mind the “odiousness” of NV, and it doesn’t even matter who is nostalgic for what. Instead, the very characteristic touch that catches the eye is the word “another”. It shows, for example, that the man characterizes a woman with this, I’m sorry, “metaphor” not the first time.

Well, it shows that the deputy Buzhansky is not a good kind of “servant of the people”. Well, name someone who has never heard this particular phrase (even without “another”) at the address of women – spoken mostly by men. (The fact that such definitions are sometimes imitated by women among themselves does not change a thing). Sometimes they even use a worse word instead of “a sheep”.

And the point here is not only the derogatory token used to identify gender when trying to offend a person. Related examples can be provided. So, let’s just say, when I was young, I worked physically in a shop, and our shopkeeper, when all was well, called the owner of the shop Alik. But when he, for example, withheld a salary, then – behind his back, of course – she called him “a non-Russian ***”.

Or, when the Ternopil newspaper described a domestic conflict between local and African students on the first page using the n-word.

They are all of the same kind.

Returning to the conflict. First, the journalist is aware that she is a “devilishly clever woman.” Judging from her text, which was so beautifully promoted by the MP, it is true: she not only writes well and is ready for an interview (this is professionalism) – it is evident that she also thinks quickly.

Secondly, the journalist confirms that she is “devilishly clever” by picking up a much more accurate and neutral metaphor: “Answering Mr. Buzhansky is like trying to have a discussion with a pigeon who defecated on your coat sleeve.”

Note that in response to the “sheep” she does not call him a “goat” or something like that, she does not indicate his gender or even his profession. Because the latter didn’t make him behave the way he did.

Certain people in certain situations deserve very strong epithets, and if you want to offend your opponent, please. However, it should not matter whether it is a female journalist or a male people’s deputy. Whether they come from the Caucasus or are of African origin. Or a native of Donbas. Or Galician. Well, you get it – at least all the characteristics that a person does not choose should not matter. At least.

Excuse me, please, for being Captain Obvious – but obviously, for some, it’s not obvious.

Artem Chapay

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