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And to the new faces. The newly elected people’s deputy from the Servant of the People Maksym Buzhansky called a journalist of one of the Ukrainian publications… stupid sheep. You may not believe it, but there are those who support him. Read in detail about the rhetoric of the new convocation in Reactions.

Let’s start with Maksym Buzhansky’s post itself published in his Telegram channel. There he calls a journalist of Novoye Vremya “another stupid sheep” and a representative of “odious mass media” because of the author’s claim that the newly elected people’s deputy is nostalgic for the USSR and Yanukovych’s times.

The journalist Olha Dukhnich herself is convinced that answering such statements is like trying to argue with a pigeon that pooped on the sleeve of your coat. At the same time, the author hopes that Maksym Buzhansky will work more productively in the role of the people’s deputy, than a typical pigeon during its life cycle. Hehe, that’s an excellent trolling.

Also, the journalist advised not to feed “trolls, clowns, pigeons and the deputy Buzhansky” in public places, hinting that the “servant of the people” is just trying hype on the situation.

Who do you think was among the first ones that supported Buzhansky? Bingo, of course, another “servant” and a scandalous blogger Oleksandr Dubinsky. And he also mentioned Portnov. What a great company.

A TV presenter and a journalist Nataliia Vlashchenko also stood up for the poor Buzhansky. She said everything is quite fair: she shouldn’t have called the newly elected people’s deputy Yanukovych’s supporter. Assessment for an assessment, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth… Excuse me, do such principles really work in the 21st century?

A businessman Harik Korohodsky also supported Buzhansky. He assured that he also divided journalists into several groups, and “stupid sheep” is not the most numerous one among them. Uhm…

And the icing on the cake of Buzhansky’s fan club is Eduard Dolynsky, the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee. To make everything clear: for the author of the post Oleksandr Dubinsky is a highly professional journalist, “one of a few in the profession”. So please judge yourself. I just wonder is Sharii is also a professional for him?

And here is a rather inoperative, but still the reaction of the party Servant of the People. The political force apologized to the journalist, however, called Buzhansky’s words… “quite an understandable reaction”. I would add something, but I was asked to refrain from estimative judgments. I think you will understand everything yourself.

But a public activist Serhii Sternenko assured that words of the journalist about nostalgia for Yanukovych are quite true: Buzhansky supports Dubinsky who also dreams of Bohdan in a chair of the Prime Minister and Portnov (my God, why is this surname here so often) as a Prosecutor General. Ah, and Lukash – in a chair of the head of the Ministry of justice. And yes, there is no nostalgia.

A political scientist Viktor Taran was outraged that the journalistic community has not made a single collective statement, as there was not a single story on the central media and statements of the profile media organization.

The first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation Iryna Herashchenko supported Olha Dukhnich, assuring that Buzhansky together with party “Servant of the People” have to apologize to the journalist, and to the edition Novoye Vremya.

The chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov also spoke with words of support for the journalist.

A people’s deputy Oleksii Honcharenko advised… to show the increased level of testosterone less and to remember that being a deputy is not a privilege, but a big responsibility. Therefore, they need to be an example, not “guys from the 90s in crimson jackets”.

A journalist Serhii Hrishyn was more concise, calling Buzhansky… a deuce. Now I have a question, is this the time to call Bakanov, or doesn’t it work this way?

Nataliia Lyhachova, a chief editor of the newspaper “Detector Media” sarcastically noted that the authors could have quietly collect material for the series “Gopniks in the Rada” because rudeness in politics becomes “a pro-level” and a marker of the people from there.

A journalist Muzhdabayev advised the representatives of the Servant of the People to get rid of Buzhansky as soon as possible until he pulls a political force to the bottom.

A public activist Oleksandr Ravchev is convinced that Buzhansky is the first serious test for the decent people who became deputies from the party Servant of the People.

A hard reaction from the leader of the party is awaited by a journalist Danylo Mokryk. In his opinion, if the party does not put the red line sharply, publicly and unambiguously, it means that they support Buzhansky and his statements. And as we have already read, there is no clarity in the statement of the political force.

A blogger Serhii Marchenko expressed his condolences “for normal people in the party”, which will be shamed every time Buzhansky or Dubinsky let themselves do more than they should.

However, as noted by a journalist Anton Shvets, those of the future people’s deputies who Marchenko evaluated positively… do not consider such statements of their party members as markers.

A journalist Serhii Ivanov assures: Buzhansky outlined his thoughts on to the press and showed he doesn’t give a… damn about the values and speculations that he made in his career. The journalists have two options for a way out of this situation, according to Ivanov: either becoming the real fourth power or… “stupid sheep”.

Stepan the Goat collected reactions and called Bakanov regarding this deuce

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