It recently turned out that Russia is a “deeply European country”, and the trust between the EU and Russia is only a matter of time. At least, the French president Emmanuel Macron is sure of this. He also believes… in Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Read in Reactions about the difficulties with geography and strange dreams.

In short, Macron is so impressed with “the progress on many political and economic issues” that he plans to develop an “architecture of security and trust” between the European Union and Russia. And Europe in the dreams of the president of France has slightly different territorial boundaries and extends from Lisbon to… Vladivostok.

A political expert Olexiy Minakov noted that “believing” in Russia as a European country today is the same as believing in the civility of Nazi Germany during World War II. According to the expert, Russia has very little chance of becoming European. Even if the dictatorial regime will be replaced by a democratic one, mistakes will be recognized, imperial ambitions will remain in the past, and reparations for all crimes will be paid. In short, Macron’s words will become a reality not so soon.

But a blogger and a TV presenter Yurii Hudymenko, like Macron, believes in Europe, which extends all the way to Vladivostok. But with one clarification: if the Ukrainian flag flatters over Vladivostok.

Hudymenko is convinced that the point of Europe is not in a Euro bill in the purse, but the century of blood, struggle and hatred. It is a state of mind and an age of fire. And Ukraine remembers this fire. Therefore, Europe extends from Lisbon to Luhansk.

A philosopher, translator and a public figure Oleksii Panych noted that as for a French politician, Macron demonstrates a good knowledge of Russian spiritual culture, which has always been the “European facade” of the Russian Empire. However, the French president does not understand that the imperial political and legal culture of a fundamentally non-European type is hiding behind this facade. According to Panych, the West is once again trying to “tame the Russian bear”, but in fact this predator still needs meat.

The first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation Iryna Gerashchenko recalled that for the right to be a part of Europe Ukraine has paid the lives of thousands of the best heroes, and dozens more of them are now in the prisons of Siberia, to which “Macron’s Europe” extends. But Europe itself is indifferent. And Putin will take maximum advantage of this.

A journalist Arkadii Babchenko is sure that with such curtsies Macron was just trying to show Vladimir Putin that Paris has finally decided to be friends with Russia. As for the geographical dream of the head of France, Babchenko says: Putin’s dreams are the same. But with one amendment: from Vladivostok to Lisbon. And it is not really about Europe.

A people’s deputy Anna Hopko also doubts who will be faster: Macron with spreading Europe to Vladivostok or Putin with spreading the “Russian world” to the English channel.

A political analyst Mykhailo Basarab notes that by promoting such a thesis, Makron offers to finally “scale old Europe to one micron”. Literally and figuratively.

A people’s deputy Volodymyr Ariev also emphasizes the opposite result of such dreams.

An actor, a writer and a blogger Andre Alexin believes that after the change of the Ukrainian president, Europe had breathed a sigh of relief, and the choice of the Ukrainians finally solved the problems of the European leaders: now Russia is bright and big again, and it is the time to remove sanctions. Crimea? What about Crimea?

A journalist Roman Skrypin only evaluated the geographical awareness of the French president. But that seems to be enough.

And here is the assessment of Macron’s thesis from Volodymyr Viatrovych, a historian and the chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance.

And for last.

Reactions were collected and geography was learned by Stepan the Goat

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