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Independence Day of Ukraine, Flag Day of Ukraine ‒ there are millions of Ukrainian people behind these words with capital letters, who dreamed and did their best so that we could write so solemnly and easily about it.

Everyone, who has own dignity, who wants to know who he or she is, where one came from and what were the names of one’s great-grandfathers, who values ​​personal and social freedom above all without unnecessary pathos, considers his country’s Independence Day to be the main holiday. The holiday that millions of Ukrainians have won for us. Much is known about the character, lands, nature, people, culture and history.

Let’s talk a little about the climate of Ukraine. Ukraine has a temperate continental climate, one of the most favourable for human life. On the southern coast of the Crimea, the climate is the subtropical Mediterranean. It can be observed forty-five cyclones, and thirty-six anticyclones per year. This is an average. Days with clear sunny weather prevail in Ukraine ‒ on average, 230-235 of them are observed per year.

Most of the air flows in Ukraine are from west, therefore west winds dominate in most areas. Precipitation is unevenly distributed. The average annual precipitation decreases from west and north-west to south-east and south from 650-600 mm to 300 mm. Most of the heavenly moisture falls on the Carpathians, more than 1500 mm, sometimes there are droughts in the southern part.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


Variegated, rich in various meteorological phenomena, mostly favourable, such is our Ukrainian climate.

Ukrainians will be more accurate here ‒ instead of “climate”, there is a colloquial word “pidsonnya” in the Ukrainian language, which means long-term weather regime based on long-term meteorological observations (translator’s note).

From pidsonnya, that is, from constant long-term signs, we go to the synoptic situation, to the nearest weather. Till the end of the week, on Flag Day and Independence Day, dry sunny weather will prevail in Ukraine.

Anticyclone will determine weather conditions in most areas. A small exception will be local rains and thunderstorms in the Carpathian region and north-east of Ukraine. During the day, the air temperature in the western regions and in the northern part will fluctuate within +24 +29 degrees.

But in the south, in the eastern regions and in the most central, except for Vinnytsya, the heat will remain. It is assumed +30 +35 degrees maximum.

In most areas, the wind will be gusty, sometimes up to strong. The next week will not bring significant changes in the weather. Dry weather and high atmospheric pressure will prevail in Ukraine; there will be intense heat in the south, east and centre, in the north and west it will be warm.

In Kyiv, precipitation is not expected on Flag Day and Independence Day (August 23-24); it will be dry and sunny. Gusts of the north-east wind can reach 12-15 meters per second. The air temperature will fluctuate at night within +12 +15 degrees, and +25 +28 degrees is expected during the daytime.

Next week, the weather in Kyiv will not change significantly ‒ there will be gusty wind, no precipitation, and maximum air temperature +26 +28 degrees, in places it will be +28 +30 degrees.

Favourable pidsonnya, wonderful summer, weather without special extremes, ancestral land, and magnificent nature ‒ everything necessary for happiness was given to Ukrainians by God. We only need to fill it with dignity, smart work, freedom, and the daily struggle for Independence. Glory to Ukraine!

Natalka Didenko

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