Thursday, 26 November

At the Solidarity of Arts festival in Gdańsk, Poland, this year was dedicated to the Ukrainian political prisoner, director Oleg Sentsov. He was also given the Neptune Prize. His lawyer Dmitriy Dinze informed him about the award. The award was presented to the sister of political prisoner Natalia Kaplan.

“This year’s festival is dedicated to a person who cannot be with us – Oleg Sentsov. His fate speaks volumes not only about the future of Russia and Ukraine but also of the whole of Europe. Our festival is a demonstration of solidarity with him,” Basil Kerski, Director of the European Solidarity Center in Gdańsk.

The Neptune Prize is given to the artists whose artistic activity is related to Gdańsk tradition or modernity, and their achievements leave a lasting trace in the city’s history, fitting in with the values of freedom and solidarity. Sentsov became the 37th winner of this award.

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