This week as if taken the rose-coloured glasses off the faces of the Ukrainians: state services are not working and people are dying in fires as a result of owners and government officials’ negligence, and future elected “new faces” might be just the same boors as their predecessors. Moreover, the authors of the “Russian spring” in Odesa were released. Is it a new reality or revenge – the answer is in the traditional digest by Opinion.

Тиждень у призмі: дев’ять смертей у готелі в Одесі, сексисти у «Слузі Народу» та батьки «руської весни» на волі


On the night of August 17, there was a fire in the hotel “Tokyo Star” in Odesa, which killed 9 people. Another 10 people were injured, nine of them were hospitalized in different hospitals in the city.

Hotel “Tokyo Star” is a former tram depot, which was converted into bedrooms. The walls were made of cheap plastic, some rooms had no windows. There was nowhere to run.

In addition, there were empty covers for fire extinguishers on the floors, so we shouldn’t wonder why the building caught fire like a match.

“The state Emergency Service’ checkup of the hotel (“Tokyo Star” – ed.) was scheduled for July of this year), but due to the fact that the owner of the hotel changed the form of ownership, the representative of the State Emergency Service was not allowed inside,” the deputy director of the department of emergency prevention Pavlo Afanasiev said at a briefing.

According to him, a relevant document was made to inform the relevant bodies — the act of non-admission. President Volodymyr Zelensky called the fire in the hotel criminal negligence and promised to personally make sure that the owner of the hotel building where the fire occurred and its direct perpetrators are punished.

“Not only the direct perpetrators of the fire will be held accountable. Vadym Chornyi, the owner of the so-called hotel, will be as well. I will personally make sure that the punishment complies with the law and the requirements of justice. After all, you cannot put your own profit above human lives,” Zelensky stressed.

After that, the Kyiv district court of Odesa sent the owner of the hotel Chornyi to a pre-trial detention centre. Neither the main Rabbi of the city nor documents proving that the second floor of the building where ignition began doesn’t belong to him helped. After the indirect intervention of Zelensky, everyone: rescuers, city officials and the trial call the businessman Chornyi the main anti-hero.

After the tragedy, the prime minister Volodymyr Groysman instructed to start large-scale inspections of hotels and resorts in Ukraine. And after the fire in the children’s camp “Viktoriia”, where children died, Groysman said the same thing. And after the tragedy of the boat “Ivolha”, when people drowned in the stormy sea. I think Groysman has a worked-out pattern: people are dying – threaten with checkups. But so far none of these mythical checkups has led to changes.

The State Bureau of Investigation attempted to break this bureaucratic negligence mess. Now investigators of SBI carry out investigative actions to check the performance of official duties by the employees of State Emergency Service in Odesa oblast during the execution of their audits on the fire security systems. But the experience of the investigation of the fire in the municipal children’s camp “Vikoriia”, where three girls died, shows that for 2 years the investigation and the court could not find the culprit of the tragedy.

Тиждень у призмі: дев’ять смертей у готелі в Одесі, сексисти у «Слузі Народу» та батьки «руської весни» на волі

Photo from Facebook

The winner of the elections in the 25th district in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast, a future MP from the Servant of the People Maksym Buzhansky called the journalist of “NV” Olha Dukhnich a “stupid sheep”. Buzhansky wrote about this in Telegram.

“Another stupid sheep, which is a journalist of the odious media NV, said in an interview with a representative of the Servant of the People that I am nostalgic for the USSR and “Yanukovych’s time”. I understand that some colleagues are too reserved to call a spade a spade, so I will come to their aid. Stupid sheep from the odious media,” he wrote.

“A year ago, the actor Volodymyr Zelensky launched a #screwyou challenge. It was inspired by Oleh Barna, the PPB deputy who swore at the journalist in the parliament. Less than a year an elected deputy from the now presidential party of Zelensky decided to repeat the “feat” of Barna. What makes the current situation significantly different from the one last year? Almost nothing. We believe that the government should not, has no right to despise and humiliate its citizens. Even those who criticize it,” Ukrainska Pravda aptly answered.

But the power has gone too far. Buzhansky’s colleague from the party – a black technician, a media killer Oleksandr Dubinsky caught himself in a scandal while choosing an assistant by the means of “contest”.

On the Facebook page a photo was released of the future people’s deputy surrounded by young girls.

“Choosing assistants. Please do not disturb if you are shorter than 175 cm,” the comment says.

Social networks users did not appreciate Dubinsky’s “creativity” and accused him of sexism.

But the leader of the Servant of the People Dmytro Razumkov assured that Dubinsky won’t break party discipline.

“It is not necessary to appeal to other party members, even the sanest ones – now they do not decide anything, the decision-making centre is in another place. We can either swallow the “stupid sheep”, or simply make all aspects of Buzhansky’s life, especially the financial one, as transparent as possible, and make him the most toxic person for the party and the president – so toxic that they will not have another choice but to break up with him. So, colleagues, the fork here is very simple – you are either the fourth power or “stupid sheep”. Choose,” a journalist Serhii Ivanov says. And he is right.

Тиждень у призмі: дев’ять смертей у готелі в Одесі, сексисти у «Слузі Народу» та батьки «руської весни» на волі


In Mykolaiv, the defendants in the “case of May 2” in relation to the tragic events in Odesa in 2014, the Russian citizen Yevgeniy Mefyodov and the inhabitant of Odesa Serhii Dolzhenkov (captain Cocoa), which had previously been accused of infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, were released.

Dolzhenkov is the author, ideologist and performer of the “Russian spring” in Odesa in 2014. He created the militarized detachment of the “Odesa squad”, which attacked the participants of a peaceful march on Derybasivska street with guns. The latter had to defend themselves with sticks, homemade shields and stones. It is that “Captain Cocoa” who stormed the building of the Odesa regional council when Donetsk and Luhansk “burned”, in an attempt to form a corridor to unrecognized Transnistria.

“Today at 9 am, I bailed Serhii Dolzhenkov, and my father Volodymyr Rybin bailed for Yevheniy Mefyodov. This amount was collected with the help of the people’s deputies from “Oppositional Platform – For Life”, with the active participation of Mykola Skoryk (a member of the Opposition Bloc – ed.) and his friends,” the lawyer Valentyn Rybin said.

In August 2019, the Central District Court of Mykolaiv appointed the deposit of 153 680 UAH for each pro-Russian protester on May 2, 2014, in Odesa Dolzhenkov and Mefyodov.

What to say. Now they can run for local elections!

Тиждень у призмі: дев’ять смертей у готелі в Одесі, сексисти у «Слузі Народу» та батьки «руської весни» на волі


The US President Donald Trump said that he would “undoubtedly” support the return of the Russian Federation to the G8. Emmanuel Marcon allegedly made the offer, and Trump supported him. Trump is expected to discuss this topic at a meeting with G7 leaders on August 24-26 in France.

The United States immediately began to make excuses that this time (!) there will be no vote for such a return. Official France also said that this is impossible without a settlement of the situation in Ukraine. But it is unknown what both countries understand by this.

The president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky believes that Russia’s return to the G8 is possible only if Ukraine returns the occupied Crimea, the hostilities in Donbas finish and the Ukrainian political prisoners and sailors are released. He was supported by Germany, Canada and the UK.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation consider the statement of the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on the condition of Russia’s return to the G8 senseless.

“For the old times’ sake, I will periodically advise you until you complete the MFA of Ukraine. Because it is even embarrassing: allegedly, you wanted to troll us in a brotherly way, but it сame out as always, though in a brotherly way,” added the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Mariia Zakharova.

It turns out that the subjectivity of Ukraine is half of the trouble, but the fact that we are becoming an international object for jokes is real trouble.

Text by Denys Sokolov

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