A new Rada-4 voting system may appear in parliament, which, unlike the Rada-3 system’s touch button, will respond not to the warmth of a deputy’s hand, but to his fingerprint.

“Today we are already raising the issue of the Rada-4 system. Rada-3 is just a touch button, that is, a reaction to heat. When we talk about Rada-4, it is a reaction to the fingerprint of the deputy,” Ruslan Stefanchuk, the president’s representative in parliament, said.

The politician said that negotiations are currently underway with the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS of Ukraine, which should provide the technical component of the issue. Consultations are also being held with lawyers to amend the Verkhovna Rada regulations accordingly.

Stefanchuk expressed his hope that the new system would be ready for operation after the winter holidays.

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