The president Zelensky can “celebrate” his first anniversary in a new role – he has been in the office for a hundred days. One hundred days, which some call “honeymoon” and others consider extremely difficult for the sixth president. Read about what we will remember about the first “round date” of the ex-showman in the role of the guarantor in Reactions.

According to a journalist Vitalii Portnikov, now the task of Volodymyr Zelensky is quite simple and clear: to become a statesman president. According to the author, the vector of further development of the country and the scale of the crisis that we must survive in the future will depend on the extent to which he will be able to understand and make it happen.

But a political expert and an analyst of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Denys Rybachok is convinced: over the first 100 days Zelensky created greenhouse working conditions for himself. However, according to Rybachuk, in order to be effective, the president needs opponents who will tell him about the real state of things and not just what the guarantor wants to hear.

But a journalist Danylo Mokryk assures that in the first one hundred days of the presidency, Volodymyr Zelensky made… Bohdan. The author explains: the head of the President’s Office Andrii Bohdan is the real face of the new government.

In turn, a political expert Serhii Bykov notes: over the first one hundred days of the presidency Zelensky managed to fulfil the main task – to consolidate his own power and brilliantly win early parliamentary elections.

The first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk insists that the “sixths one” didn’t have the real first one hundred days. He says it happened due to the situation with the “anti-people position of the old power”.

A political consultant Ruslan Bortnik is convinced that the first “anniversary” of the president quite expectedly didn’t bring any appreciable essential changes to the life of Ukraine, its society and economy: neither positive nor negative. According to the expert, the “honeymoon” of Zelensky just finished and the responsibility for everything that happens in the country and with the state is awaiting him.

The leader of the Radical party and the people’s deputy of the eighth convocation Oleh Liashko believes that the result of the first one hundred days in the office – is the desire and attempts to surrender the 40-million nation as a hostage to the Kremlin.

A public figure and a blogger Andrii Smolii sharply criticized the first one hundred days of Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidency and called it the days of “new reality, shock and surprise”.

A military expert Sviatoslav Stetsenko believes that now we can evaluate only the process, not the result. After all, it is still not clear what has been done to increase the defensive and offensive capabilities of the country. Slogans pronounced and written were powerful, but they have not yet been confirmed neither by organizational nor informational actions.

The leader of Svoboda party Oleh Tiahnybok reacted to the “anniversary” of the guarantor on his position quite critically, assuring readers that “there is nothing new and everything is old that harmed Ukraine thanks to the previous government”.

A political strategist and a former people’s deputy Viktor Ukolov wrote that within the country Zelensky spent this time only to fight for a single-party majority and single-party government, providing that the Verkhovna Rada is absolutely under him. And in the foreign arena, the basic principle was violated for these one hundred days: nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine.

A diplomat and an international lawyer Vadym Triukhan noted that it is too early to be especially proud of something in the office of the sixth president, as well as to criticize him for some global mistakes. However, the author adds: Zelensky laid the “foundation for future breakthroughs”.

A political scientist Nik Spiridonov concludes: the main achievement of the president is the concentration of power in his hands and the hands of his team.

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