Public activists announced a protest action against the extended work in the government of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. They demand the resignation of the official and add: “no posts, only arrests”.

Explaining the purpose of the action, the activists emphasize: they want to remind President Zelensky of Avakov’s main “achievements” as a minister: failed reform of law enforcement agencies, corruption, dubious and dangerous appointments, “leaked” corruption cases, dozens of ordered murders and assassinations, failure of recertification and patrol police and more.

Action is planned for August 28, 19 pm.

“Do we really have to remind ‘servants of the people’ about all these? Do we really have to publicly discuss Avakov’s re-appointment somewhere instead of discussing a fundamentally new leadership of the Ministry and its services? Avakov is a dastard. It doesn’t need further explanations. But we do explain. In details,” the activists’ statement reads.

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