The Verkhovna Rada of the Ninth Convocation formed 5 factions and one parliamentary group. We publish a complete list of executives.

The head of Servant of the People Dmytro Razumkov read out the names of all factions and deputy groups:

Servant of the People, 254 people’s deputies, Head of the faction – Davyd Arakhamiya;

Opposition Platform – For Life, 44 people’s deputies, co-chairs of the faction – Yuriy Boyko and Vadym Rabinovych;

European Solidarity, 27 people’s deputies (two self-nominated – Oleksiy Honcharenko and Andriy Lopushansky), co-chairs of the faction – Artur Herasimov and Iryna Herashchenko;

Batkivshchyna, 25 people’s deputies, head of the faction – Yuliia Tymoshenko;

Voice, 17 people’s deputies, the head of the faction – Serhiy Rakhmanin.

The deputy group For the future, 23 people’s deputies, co-chairs – Viktor Bondar, Taras Batenko.

Also, Servant of the People, which has a majority in the Council, plans to form a coalition on its own.

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