The new Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk assured that he supports medical and educational reforms, but stressed that it was necessary to check how well these reforms were implemented and managed.

“The medical reform is a definitely right thing. Just as the education reform, a new Ukrainian school is being formed. There are management issues, of course. The idea is right, but as they were embodied we will now look inside the ministries.

Honestly. When you understand the idea, fundings support a child, fundings support a patient – these are very right things. Proper financing mechanisms. When a person has a particular doctor, when the state pays for these services — these are very right things. This is efficiency, the way to efficiency. It also stimulates competition. But how well the implementation was done we will see,” the Prime Minister said.

Honcharuk also said that he does not want to give estimates yet, since these areas already have their ministers. Therefore, the new government’s plans on reforms of Ulyana Suprun and Liliya Hrynevych will depend on the evaluation of new ministry leaders. According to the Prime Minister, this will happen in about a month.

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