The XXI century prepares humanity for Mars colonization and has a human heart produced with 3D printers. After thousands of years of evolution, two world wars, Chornobyl, the Revolution of Dignity, the gender identity issue seems to be beyond any conflicts. But why then are people from sexual minorities still attacked? Why do we still see hundreds of comments threating LGBT during the streaming of the Equality March? Where does this hatred come from? And when will everybody realise that LGBT and their rights are a normal thing?

Lack of Awareness

Lack of awareness is the lamest reason because the digital epoch of technology and innovation lets people access any information just in a couple of clicks. However, in the paradigm of unlimited access, authenticity is significantly influenced.

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as an abnormal or deviant disorder. Since then, official health care hasn’t been involved in stigmatising homosexuality. In 1990, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10). After that, the debate on homosexuality was shifted from medicine and psychiatry to the moral-ethical field.

Under favourable social conditions, your child won’t become gay if they see the Gay Pride or communicate with homosexuals. Recent research proves that sexual orientation and expression of gender identity are set naturally and don’t harm the society where they are perceived as normal variants of sexual orientation. “Orientation can’t be chosen. There are considerable proves that genes play a certain role in sexuality,” a president of the American Psychiatric Association wrote in her letter to the administration of the Indonesian Psychiatric Association.

But for some reason, scientific data and authenticity are not enough for people to finish the debate. And here another important issue arises.

Чому люди не приймають ЛГБТ?


Fake data can be found in pseudo-scientific studies, blogs, posts in social networks – anywhere. They often contain links to independent research but we hardly ever click the link and check the information given.

However, a healthy critical approach to the data which is imposed on us is not an extravagant way to spend time. In terms of informational war and total mistrust to all branches of power (legislative, executive and judicial), and mistrust to media – the fourth branch of power which is to control the others and remain ultimately objective – it is necessary.

Also, there is a trend mostly among teenagers to advocate for a sexual minority, LGBT in particular. Gay bloggers often post “hot photos” with their partners which perceived by homophobes as provocation and propaganda of sexual preferences. Those who are intolerant to LGBT tar people with the same brush, but they forget that deviant behaviour (the one which is different from the norm) bases not on sexual identification but psychological factors. Not only homosexuals behave provocatively, heterosexuals, bisexuals, etc. also do.

Social Factor

In your opinion, how many gays are afraid of coming out? How many of them reluctantly smile when hearing jokes about minorities at work or from friends? How many heterosexuals are not brave enough to announce that they support LGBT because they are afraid to be judged by those who are against the community? And why did my friend-gay refused to comment on his homosexuality for this article?

Because gays are laughed at and judged by the media, their families, co-workers, and friends. No doubt, humour connects people, gums the community together, but humour is appropriate only when both parties laugh. And when the word “gay” doesn’t sound like an offence anymore you can get punched for.

Outdated Values

A traditional family model is considered to include mother, father, and children. That’s why LGT families are wrongly called untraditional. But let us not mix up the terms. In fact, a real traditional Ukrainian family includes at least four or five generations living in one house. A modern nuclear family model has existed only for less than a century.

Changes in society lead to respective social transformations. It is also clear that when the time for openness and perception comes, another important transformation is to arise. However, most people can’t imagine how a child can be brought up in a same-sex family. Such a child will definitely become gay or transgender! Studies prove that homosexuality of parents doesn’t influence the social adaptation of their child, their progress at school and sexual orientation.

Чому люди не приймають ЛГБТ?

The Equality March

“Nobody forbids them having sex behind the closed door, what are they arranging these Prides for?” But a pride is a chance to introduce yourself to society and country, a way to stop feeling embarrassed and see that you are not alone. Prides support equal rights for homo- and heterosexuals. Prides are arranged because gays in Ukraine can’t have a family social security, care for the child in case of the biological mother-partner’s death, visit their partner in the resuscitation department, come into an inheritance in case of death. The Equality March is a compulsory element of social expression of will.

And still

LGBT is a biological and social norm. A free self-identification of a person is a natural right. While being tolerant is a choice. Choose fairly.

Text by Liliia Voitykiv

Illustrations by Nastasiia Petrova

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