Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised Moscow not to use the thesis of “liberating” the country from German occupation since the arrival of Soviet troops in 1944 brought occupation to the people.

According to “European Truth”, this is stated in a statement on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria.

“Without disputing the USSR’s contribution to the defeat of Nazism in Europe, we should not turn a blind eye to the fact that, along with the Soviet Army, the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe came to half a century of repression, suppression of civic consciousness, deformed economic development, and detachment from the dynamics of European countries,” the statement said.

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry thus reacted to the Russian exhibition 75 Years of Liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazism which opens on September 9 in Sofia.

“The USSR declared war on Bulgaria when a new democratic government just came to power, announcing the termination of relations with Nazi Germany. This was followed by the temporary occupation of Bulgaria by the USSR and its allies, formally run by coalition representatives, but de facto with the help of the Soviet military presence,” the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said.

The Russian Embassy in Bulgaria said they were “embarrassed” by a statement by the Bulgarian authorities because they wanted to show only archival materials at the exhibition.

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