News from Odesa is striking in its absurdity – a local regional council, on the initiative of Bloc, dismissed Oleksandr Roitburd from the post of director of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. Why Odesa dwellers are rallying, and why Opinion has launched a #ISupportRoitburd flashmob – read in Reactions.

Commenting on his dismissal by the deputies of the Regional Council, artist Oleksandr Roitburd stressed that it’s not the time to throw popcorn out yet.

Deputy Director Oleksandra Kovalchuk said that this time the issue of dismissal was introduced by MP Oleksiy Kobylnikov. Guess for yourself what political power he represents. But while the author of the post reminds that while there is no document on termination of the contract, Roitburd continues to be the director of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum.

Meanwhile, Odesa is already planning a rally in support of the world-renowned artist: the action will take place this Saturday, at 10 am near the Odesa Regional Council. And my advice to you is the following: if you’re in Odesa, be sure to join.

Diplomat and newly appointed Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, Dmytro Kuleba, assured that what Oleksandr Roitburd did as the museum director is just an example of integration into the European (and world) cultural space. So Kuleba spoke in support of the artist, reminding that in reality, “Ukrainian sovietism, postsovietism and stupidity” have not gone anywhere.

Public activist Serhiy Sternenko called the dismissal of Roitburd a “cattle triumph”. According to the author, from the very beginning, the artist was “a pain in the Medvedchuk witnesses necks” because he has a clear anti-Russian stance and started to change the museum for the better.

Journalist and activist Natalia Usatenko noted that Roitburd and his team were the best things that happened to Odesa Fine Arts Museum which, thanks to his titanic work, made it a must-visit place. Therefore, Usatenko called for joining Saturday’s support action, demanding that Roitburd be reinstated in his position.

Writer and close friend of Roitburd Borys Khersonsky is convinced that the decision of the regional council will only increase the artist’s popularity. Nevertheless, the author expressed his condolences to the museum and the city and congratulated the “urban-style settlement Odesochka”.

Journalist Sonia Koshkina reminded that recently the question of Roitburd’s dismissal was brought up almost at every session of the regional council. But what else should Opposition Bloc devils do, right? Unless someone calls Bakanov about them…

As a result, according to Koshkina, the regional council defended its right to live in the narrow and stuffy confines of postsovietism. Will Roitburd fight? The journalist does not answer, however, she admits that were she an artist, she would look past it since he is a world-class master and one of the most expensive artists of Ukraine. It is obvious the museum is a pure volunteer work for him. But let’s not forget that the artist himself advised not to throw popcorn away.

Photographer Oksana Kanivets noted that those who voted for the removal of the director of the museum could not appreciate everything done by Roitburd because… the museum simply does not fall within their interests. That’s about it. When were you there, dear Opposition Bloc, in the Odesa Fine Arts Museum? Taking a look at the pictures or attending an event? Oh, foolish me. However… Opinion is also unlikely to interest them. Say hello from us if you read this.

Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko is convinced that Roitburd is the person who made people fall in love with Odesa again. After all, now, to visit the city and not visit the museum is poor taste. As for the dismissal of the artist from the post of “one hundred and tenth time”, the ex-Prosecutor General stresses that this is also a distinction of his European quality.

Volunteer Yevheniya Zavaliy is convinced: Roitburd was fired not for organizational museum affairs, but because the deputies of the regional council simply do not understand people or things that are “at least a little more complicated than their single-celled existence.”

People’s Deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko stressed that the museum should remain in the hands of the Roitburd team who together with the artist had already managed to do much in a very short time.

Writer and translator Andriy Bondar called the dismissal of Roitburd by the “people’s deputies” of the Odesa Regional Council an obvious proof of revenge.

Opinion editor-in-chief Svitlana Bondar added that the MPs, having voted for the dismissal of the most effective leader in the culture, simply acknowledged their weakness and laxity, although they cannot yet realize it.

Journalist Khrystyna Berdynsky called Odesa a city that is always unlucky: Mayor Trukhanov, the “gray cardinal” Halanternyk, the issue with the head of the Odesa State Administration which hung in the air, and now – the dismissal of Roitburd.

Writer and blogger Zoya Kazanzhy instead noted that this city is worth what is happening to it. Like, “there is nothing normal here, so no one normal survives” because it is “ruled” by the gray and the dull.

Blogger Olena Dobrovolska agreed with Zoya Kazanzhy that this city deserves decay since this is what the “cheapskates” seek to live in.

Writer and journalist Oleh Shynkarenko assured that the dismissal of Oleksandr Roitburd fully fits into the classic image of Odesa portrayed by Kuprin in Hambrinus.

Media consultant Dmytro Simansky admitted that he did not expect the old Ukrainian politics to hit him. But no, today they, the devils… sorry, the deputies of the Odesa Regional Council managed it.

And finally – a fresh work by illustrator Oleksandr Grekhov, Odesa MPs are trying to erase Roitburd. Not to let that happen, you already know what to do – the rally is this Saturday.

Opinion also cannot stand apart, so we urge our readers to support Oleksandr Roitburd at least online. Add the hashtag #ISupportRoitburd to your posts, or even better, join the rally on Saturday. The Odesa Fine Arts Museum, together with the appointment of Roitburd as a director, has received a lucky ticket to a happy future. And Opposition Bloc don’t have the slightest right to take this ticket back.

Reactions collected by Stepan the Goat calling Bakanov about Odesa devils

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