Wednesday, 21 October

The interrogation scheduled for September 6 had to do with the alleged interference of Fifth President Petro Poroshenko in the activities of the Kyiv District Administrative Court, namely in the decision to nationalize PrivatBank. This was reported by the spokesman of the DBR Andzhelika Ivanova, reports Hromadske correspondent.

She added that the subpoena was sent to Poroshenko within the time limit prescribed by law through the Verkhovna Rada apparatus.

On September 3, Poroshenko also did not come to the DBR for questioning because he was in parliament. At that time, he was to be questioned as a witness in a case of power or office abuse during the cancellation in 2016 of the decision of the head of one of the local state administrations of the Mykolaiv region to transfer 1500 hectares of agricultural land to lands of the state value.

It should be noted that the CLC of Ukraine provides for the compulsory pretext of a witness in the case of two absenteeism. However, despite the removal of parliamentary immunity, it will not be possible to apply it until January 2020.

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