Wednesday, 28 October

Mutual release of detainees between Ukraine and Russia will begin in the coming hours. The lawyer Valentin Rybin has informed about it to Russian Interfax, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“I want to say that in a few hours we will see an exchange,” he said.

At the same time, Rybin did not reveal the format according to which the release procedure will take place. The lawyer noted that Ukraine refuses to extradite Ruslan Hadzhyev, a Russian, who still remains in the pre-trial detention center and has not been delivered to the exchange place.

“We did our best for Ukraine to provide this person for exchange, he was on the list, he was provided with all legal procedures. Now we do not understand what is happening and why Ruslan Hadzhyev was not delivered to the exchange office,” he said.

Rybin stated that Hadzhyev could still have time to be brought to the exchange, “but this will happen only if Russia shows character.”

“We have a few hours left and, believe me, time is melting fast,” he said.

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