Attorneys for Ukrainian POWs Mykola Polozov and Serhiy Badamshyn say buses with Ukrainian sailors have left the Lefortovo detention center, probably to the point of exchange.

Polozov’s direct speech: “According to my information, sailors have already left the detention facility. I think that they were taken to the airport for extradition to the Ukrainian side.”

Badamshyn’s direct speech: “Accompanied by DPS crews, three buses with sailors will probably follow to Vnukovo airport, where they will then depart for Ukraine.”

Prior to that, two large tourist class buses, accompanied by police and special services at high speed, passed along the Kyiv highway from the center of Moscow and drove into the territory of the government terminal Vnukovo-2.

A Ukrainian-flagged livery aircraft landed at Vnukovo Airport and moored to the platform of the Vnukovo-2 government terminal. The aircraft has engines turned on.

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