Currently, there are 8 Ukrainians in Feofaniya Hospital who returned to Ukraine from Russian captivity on September 7.

“We now have eight people admitted to the hospital on Saturday and eight relatives. All of them are inpatients and we are examining them… We conducted some check-ups over the weekend. We have preliminary diagnoses for everyone who stays at the hospital,” the chief doctor of Feofaniya Hospital Ihor Semeniv.

The doctor also said that Oleh Sentsov is no longer in the hospital but keeps in touch with doctors. At the same time, Sentsov asked for medical assistance for his mother. They are waiting for her in the hospital and are ready to provide treatment.

After the exchange, 24 Ukrainian sailors, together with their relatives, were brought to a military hospital in Kyiv, and the remaining 11 Ukrainian released on Saturday were transferred to the Feofaniya Hospital. According to doctors, Stanislav Klykh was transferred to a specialized department of a military hospital because he needs special medical assistance, and they could not provide it in the Feofaniya Hospital.

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