About the edition

 Opinion  – is an edition that writes about topical issues, on controversial and most discussed topics. On the website you will find original content, made by our journalists and columnists from different parts of the country. The authors share facts, ideas, views, forecasts, emotions.

Reactions. The most important events, illuminated through the prism of reactions and reflection of officials, responsible bodies, opinion leaders, gathered in social networks.

Society. Social, political, economic, medical, environmental, educational issues, charity – the main topics for coverage in the texts of the rubric.

Point of view. A platform for illuminating polar points of view about events, phenomena, processes.

Personality. Discussion of the current moment with famous figures. Recorded conversations about values, changes, and power.

Column. Author’s view and interpretation of the most important events. Columnists are artists, masters of the right word, opinion leaders.

Idea. About introduced innovations, successful start-ups, new directions of research – everything that improves and modernizes. Read about innovations in the field of science, culture, education.

Place. Texts and photos about interesting places of the country and the world. Buildings that may disappear, new atmospheric locations, the main differences between “our” and “them” topoi.

The edition is Ukrainian-language. Comments and interviews (as agreed with the author) are translated. The texts reflect the positions and opinions of authors, experts, characters, which the editors may not share. We oppose all forms of discrimination. We do not publish materials containing strongly pronounced negative content that violates Ukrainian law or inflates national, religious or any other enmity. Reprinting of materials is allowed only with the consent of the editorial staff, for Internet media – with an obligatory hyperlink to our edition in the first paragraph of the text.