Author Pavlo Korobchuk

Павло Коробчук

Writer (novelist, poet, publicist), musician, journalist. He is the author of poetry books "Fir", "Around the clock", "Dinosaur", "Flickered", "Natshchenebo", “Kayfology", the novel "The Sea for a Leftie", the book of short stories "The Holy Book of Gopstories". He is the author of the musical album "HOROBRO". Laureate of Boris Necherda (2017), Smoloskyp (2004) awards, poetry competition named after Nestor the Chronicler (2016), the prize named after. B.I. Antonych "Greeting Life" (2009), etc. Winner of twenty poetry slams. The works are translated into ten languages.


Just to confess

It turned out that it was not exhaustion or illness. This is how people look…