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Наталка Діденко

Татуся Бо

A blogger of a very free style, a children's writer for the smallest

Майя Тульчинська

Fashionable blogger

Дмитро Десятерик

Dmytro Desyateryk was born in Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro) in 1964. In 1999 he graduated from the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, faculty of Theatre Arts. Lives in Kyiv, from 1999 till now - correspondent of the culture department of the newspaper "Day". Theatre critic, journalist. Member of the International Association of Filmmakers FIPRESCI, Ukrainian Oscar Committee, Ukrainian Film Academy.

Борис Херсонський

Clinical psychologist and psychiatrist, poet, translator. Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Андрій Любка

Ukrainian poet, prose writer, essayist, columnist, translator. He is the author of eight books: a collection of poems "Eight months of schizophrenia" (2007), "TERRORISM" (2008), "Forty Bucks plus Tipping", books of prose "KILLER. Collection of stories" (2012, Pyramid, Lviv), books of essays and columns "Sleep with women" (2014, Meridian Czernowitz and"Books XXI"), novel "Carbide" (2015, Finalist of the contest "BBC Book of the Year"), collection of stories "The Chamber for Sorrow" (2016, Meridian Czernowitz) and collection of stories "Saudade" (2017). Laureate of the literary awards "Debut" and "Kyiv Lavra", the only Ukrainian Finalist of the 2016 Central European Award "Angelus", a scholar of the Central European Initiative Fellowship. Andrii's works were translated into English, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Macedonian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Romanian and Turkish, and were published in Austria and Poland.

Сергій Осока

Ukrainian writer, journalist, editor, columnist, translator, member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. The laureate of the International competition of the best works of young Ukrainian writers "Granoslov-2000", a participant of the All-Ukrainian Meeting of Young Writers (Kyiv-Irpin, 2000) and the literary festival "Granoslov" lights the stars"(Kyiv, 2003), the winner of the Third Prize of the publishing house "Smoloskyp" for the collection of poems "The Voice of a Hunter" (2006). The works were published in regional and all-Ukrainian newspapers, in the periodicals "Native land" and "Courier Kryvbas". It was published in the almanac "Swamp Flames" (Poltava, 2002; second edition - Kyiv, 2004). The first collection of poems "The Seventh Snowflake of January" saw the world in Kyiv in 2002. In 2015, the Old Lion Publishing House published a collection of poems "Heavenly Windfall ", in 2016 in the same publisher - "Night Bathing in August" - the first prose collection.

Зоя Казанжи

Journalist, writer, blogger, communications consultant.

Ганна Улюра

Literary scholar. Ph.D in Philology. The author of three scientific monographs and essay book “Book for Every Day to Look Like a Cultured Individual”. As a literary critic, she collaborates with "Zbruch", "Left Bank", "Litaccent", "Litcentre", as well as "Barabuka", "UP: Culture". Columnist of the “Day” newspaper.

Ольга Герасим'юк

Journalist, TV presenter.

Валерій Пузік

Writer, artist, director.

Тетяна Монахова

Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Journalism of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University

Міла Іванцова

Writer, journalist, translator, public figure, winner of the title "Golden Writer of Ukraine", author of seven novels and four collections of stories, the participant in many anthologies of contemporary Ukrainian prose.

Олена Богатиренко

Columnist, PR-director, born in Crimea, loves working, people and sea.

Віктор Цвіліховський

Journalist. Laureate of the prize of I. Franko in the nomination "For the best work in the broadcasting sphere" (2012), for the cycle of radio programs "Twenty Moments of Independence". The author of the stories from the series "Road stories".

Дмитро Журавель

Поет, журналіст, колумніст.12 Articles

Артем Чапай

Письменник, автор книг «Тато в декреті» та The Ukraine.11 Articles

Олег Покальчук

Social psychologist, counselor of the National Institute for Strategic Studies

Оксана Луцишина

Письменниця, публіцистка, перекладачка, професорка Техаського університету Фото: Валентин Кузан10 Articles

Катерина Калитко

Writer and translator. The author of six collections of poetry, the last of which is "Torture chamber. Vineyard. House"- awarded with the prize "Flight of the Year". She also published two books of little prose: "M. isteria" and "Land of the Lost, or Little Scary Tales" (Book of the Year 2017 according to BBC). Winner of the prize named after Joseph Konrad-Kozhenovsky in 2017. Laureate of the international award Vilenica Crystal 2016. Scholar of the Written Program of the Central European Initiative Fellowship. In various years she became a laureate of the competitions "Granoslov" and "Greeting of Life" named after Bohdan-Igor Antonych, a contest of poetry "Young wine", "Smoloskyp" publishing competition and "Blagovist" literary prize. Texts are translated into English, German, Polish, Armenian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Italian and Hebrew. The collection of poems "Gold, Myrrh and Honey" came out in Israel in 2014 (Hebrew translation by Anton Papernyi). She translates from the Balkan languages (Milenko Ergovich, Ozren Kebo, Melina Kamerich, Nenad Velichkovich, Mileta Prodanovich, Mesha Selimovich, etc.). For her translations, she was awarded with the prize of the "Courier Kryvbas" magazine and the METAPHORA translation award.

Павло Коробчук

Writer (novelist, poet, publicist), musician, journalist. He is the author of poetry books "Fir", "Around the clock", "Dinosaur", "Flickered", "Natshchenebo", “Kayfology", the novel "The Sea for a Leftie", the book of short stories "The Holy Book of Gopstories". He is the author of the musical album "HOROBRO". Laureate of Boris Necherda (2017), Smoloskyp (2004) awards, poetry competition named after Nestor the Chronicler (2016), the prize named after. B.I. Antonych "Greeting Life" (2009), etc. Winner of twenty poetry slams. The works are translated into ten languages.

Степан Процюк

Stepan Protsiuk is a writer who is considered one of the "most controversial" in modern Ukrainian literature. He participated in the literature group "New Degeneration". He is the author of more than 30 books: mainly prose and essays. His major books include novels: Infection, The Rose of Ritual Pain, Masks Fall off Slowly, The Grass Cannot Die, short stories: Hit Your Head against the Wall, essays: Blood Test, Tightrope Walkers, prose for secondary and high school children: Argonauts. He is the winner of the Golden Ukrainian Writers Award.

Василь Карп'юк

Poet, prose writer, scriptwriter. Laureate of Honchar Ukrainian-German Prize, a prize of Smoloskyp publishing house, Ivan Franko International Prize, etc.

Марта Госовська

Translator, philologist and literary critic.

Олег Шинкаренко

Writer, journalist

Мар'яна Савка

a Ukrainian poetess, children's author, translator, publicist, editor-in-chief and a co-founder of the Old Lion Publishing House (Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva)

Тетяна Трофименко

Literary critic, Ph.D. in Philology. The researcher of ancient Ukrainian literature, Literature of the 1920s, and the Modern Ukrainian Literature. Participant of the jury of the contest "LitAccent of the Year", author of the literary reviews of the magazine "SHO" and the site "Novynarnia".

Юрій Винничук

Writer, translator, publicist.

Ольга Дубчак

Candidate of Philology, editor.

Олег Вергеліс

Ukrainian theatre critic, art critic, publicist.

Дмитро Сіманський

Media consultant, strategy director in PR-House company.

Андрій Альохін

Actor, writer, blogger, radio and TV host

Діана Дуцик

Journalist, Media Expert, Ph.D. in Philology, lecturer in the Mohyla School of Journalism.

Юлія Вовкодав

Psychologist, journalist and writer

Ольга Гембік

Columnist, editor.

Соломія Бобровська

CEO of "Ukrainska osnova" NGO

Марта Гулей

Письменниця, аналітикиня, мама двох дітей та у вільний час ґоуст-райтерка.2 Articles

Маркіян Прохасько

Markian Prokhasko is a journalist, writer, traveler. Currently, he is in Antarctica.

Ірина Подоляк

People's Deputy, "Samopomich Union" faction, co-author of the bill

Анастасія Халеєва

Donetsk resident, Head of the Expert Group on the Implementation of the Electronic Health System of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine

Олена Боришполець

Poet, journalist, translator, manager of the international music festival ODESA CLASSICS. Winner of the International Poetry Festival "PUSHKINinODESA" 2012. Finalist of the "PUSHKinGREATBRITAIN" festival in London 2013. Finalist of the Sixth World Poetry Festival "Emigrant Lira-2014" (Brussels-Liege-Paris). Participant of the Lviv Book Publishers Forum within the framework of the poetry site of the magazine "ShO". Participant of the International Odesa Literary Festival 2015-2017. Member of the Book Arsenal. Laureate of the Odesa Municipal Competition named after Kostyantyn Paustovsky 2016, poetry nomination for the collection of poems "Blue Star". Member of the International Short Biennial Competition 2017 in Barcelona.