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Kalyta: from god to children’s game

Most Ukrainians associate the St. Andrew’s Day with fortune-telling. Girls gather together in the early hours of December 13 to find out who and when will marry them. There are many kinds of fortune-telling from backing cakes and sowing cannabis…

Idea «Вірус» добра, або Врятувати Гітлера
“Kindness” virus or to Rescue Hitler

… A kitten is climbing from the hand on the chest, then on the shoulder where it starts to smell a rescuer’s ear. It has no fear – it is just curious! The baby-kitten called Maki managed to make everybody…

Idea A dream on a narrow-gauge railroad
A dream on a narrow-gauge railroad

75 centimetres. This is the width of this railroad. Now, there are artificial flowers, parts of a wine-press and shoes on it and a plastic cover alongside it, where clothes, crockery, well, any stuff is going to be sold… In…

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