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Zakarpattia: not to let get drowned in trash

A pink shoe, piece of rakes, rest of a toy car, coffee can, a toy pot with a broken bottom, and a lid from a plastic barrel (where cabbage is fermented). Besides different plastic bottles, these are things which were…

Idea «Острів Європа»: фестиваль
Literature of freedom at Europe Island

It is of no surprise that at the time when Ukraine is returning its position of a real European state, such a conception has turned into an independent international festival with its centre in the town of Vinnytsia, where the…

Idea Що не винахід – то можна впроваджувати в життя
Whatever the invention is – it can be implemented

These students, who haven’t even finished their school yet, already realise what they want to achieve in this life. Some, as for example, a young scholar Valentyn Frechka who invented the technology of producing paper from fallen leaves, is going…

Idea Бринза як ідея, або Врятувати рядового вівчаря
Bryndza as an idea or Saving Private Sheep-master

Three furry clouds are heading from subalpine meadows to the valley, to the epicentre of the action where cattle from three masters will enter the equipped pounds – about a thousand of sheep which are baaing and ringing with their…

Idea Казковий світ у скляному кубі
Fairy world in a glass cube

When a hobby turns into a passion and a great success. Tereza Lazar lives in the town of Uzhhorod, she can and loves working with aquariums. Many Uzhhorod residents have a “window” into a magical aqua world designed by her…

Idea Модний тренд: ресайклінг
New trend: Recycling

Experts say people will be consuming more clothes. Different international organisations and companies annually conduct studies on environment pollution by the textile industry to evaluate the level of pollution. The Greenpeace organisation published research on “fast fashion”. It says that…

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