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News Повноцінне медичне страхування запустять у 2020 році
Full health insurance will be launched in 2020

“In 2020, when the new system will be extended to all levels of health care in Ukraine, you will be truly insured. By contacting any institution that cooperates with the National Health Service of Ukraine, you will be able to…

News В річницю анексії Путін приїхав до Криму
Putin arrived in Crimea on the anniversary of annexation

Putin opened two blocks at Balaklava and Tavriyskaya TPPs in the Crimea, traditionally speaking in support of the annexation. “March 18 is a landmark day for Sevastopol, for the Crimea, and for the whole country. Five years ago, the reunification…

News НАТО вимагає від РФ повернути контроль над Кримом Україні
NATO demands Russia to return control over Crimea to Ukraine

“We urge Russia to shift control over Crimea to Ukraine, and we reaffirm our full support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and territorial waters,” said the statement. NATO has emphasized its strong condemnation of…

News Клімкін за подвійне громадянство для діаспорян
Klimkin stood up for dual citizenship for diaspora

Commenting on the lack of a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship in Ukraine or the acquisition of dual citizenship for the Ukrainian diaspora from Canada, the United States, the Czech Republic, and other countries, he replied: “I am in favor…

News Відеонагляду на виборах президента не буде – ЦВК
Without CCTV at the presidential elections – the CEC

“This is one of the issues that causes a smile and which already annoys. Such video surveillance at polling stations is not provided by any law, including the law on presidential elections, so there will not be any video surveillance,”…

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