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Place Як на Волині будували музей для одного човна, і що з того вийшло
How they were building a museum for one boat in Volyn

Today, covered in construction site dust, under the dirty black plastic confinement it looks at the mortal world with its hundred years old bods. Scratched and worn out from wondering. From all the sides, walls made of white blocks are…

Place Анна Ахматова і Слобідка-Шелехівська
Anna Akhmatova and Slobidka-Shelekhivska

However, few people know that young Anna visited the house of her aunt Anna Vakar in Khmelnytsky region, where mother of the poet Inna Stogova had lived the last years of her life. Anna Akhmatova is buried in the suburbs…

Place Театральний: провулок п’яти театрів та одного цирку
Theatrical: lane of five theaters and one circus

Everyone knows how the facade of Odesa’s hallmark – National Opera and Ballet Theater – looks like. However, its rear side is no less interesting. We offer you to take a look “behind the scenes”, explore charming Odesa courtyards that…

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