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Place Індустрія кохання. Дівчата з клеванського тунелю
The industry of love. Girls from the Klevan tunnel

Her table with magnets is in a very lucrative position: almost over the track. “Have a nice walk”, she says with a note of mystery. Apparently, she got used to seeing people off to the tunnel of love. Ms. Larysa…

Place Трикрати: зелене серце південних степів
Trykraty: the green heart of the southern steppes

Blue ribbon of Southern Bug, which is in the middle of the yellow steppes, wheat fields, and corn fields; the turquoise necklace of the Black Sea beaches; a pile of small villages with a gleam of ponds; unpretentious but tidy…

Place An estuary near Odessa turns into a salt desert
An estuary near Odessa turns into a salt desert

This summer the seasonal drying of the Kuyalnyk estuary was of a larger scale than the last year, due to the extreme and long-lasting heat. The northern part of the estuary has completely dried up and turned into a salt…

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