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Place Життя та сміття: мертве летовище під Луцьком
Life and trash: a dead airport near Lutsk

From the inside, “Lutsk” airport terminal would be perfect scenery for films about… war. Empty premises. On the facade, there is an image of a biplane that is ironically-symbolically frozen. Eloquent windows with holes. “The timetable of airplanes’ arrival” which…

Place Соляна симфонія Соледара
Soledar Salt Symphony

I haven’t been in these parts for six years. Friends and colleagues said: “You’re crazy!” However, we (I and 12 brave people) took a chance. Being engaged in making tailored tours around Ukraine and abroad from Odesa, I have developed…

Place Оаза простору: відкриваємо маленьку київську пустелю
Oasis of space: discovering a small Kyivan desert

Lands of the chronicles While walking, we talk about the Left bank, which many inhabitants of Kyiv associate with boring buildings of the Soviet era and not very successful infrastructure. Meanwhile, in ancient documents, there are references to the “Osokorsky…

Place Будинок для Марійки
A house for Mariyka

Opponents of the new name of the city insistently emphasized that Marko Lukych has not always lived here. And it could be true, if not the house of Marfa Zaykovska on the former Bolotna street. This is about the house…

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