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Everyone has his own Israel

Israel is so variegated and diverse that it’s simply impossible to sum up all the impressions. Here, everyone finds something to admire, be proud of, wonder or resent. For now, we offer a “patchwork quilt” of our impressions to your…

Place Зі смолоскипом за Анонімусом у Паланок
Around Palanok with torch and Anonymous

Hobbling, but holding his torch high, a man that looks like a monk and wears a cloak with a hood meets us on the bridge in front of the castle gate. He nags the night guests, who came to the…

Place Аварія на ЧАЕС – 33 роки потому
Chornobyl disaster – 33 years later

As a result of radiation, thousands of people died. The radiation taken by the northwest wind quickly spread throughout a huge area, covering pieces of Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russian Federation. Albeit not so heavily, other countries also became irradiated.…

Place У Парижі українці мали можливість проголосувати на президентських виборах. Як це відбувалося та які були настрої у виборців
The presidential elections in Paris

The polling station № 900102 in Paris located at the Vasyl Slipak Cultural Center, there Ukrainians had an opportunity to vote today. Unfortunately, it is the only one in France. Therefore, some were forced to cover hundreds of kilometers to…

Place Про життя на вискогірному прикордонні
Life in the mountains near the border

Ukrainian-Romanian border is 614 km long. A mountains part of the border is controlled by “Shybeny” Department border guards. They cover dozens of kilometers every day to check whether nobody is there either accidentally or on purpose, whether smuggled…

Place Тінь мрії падає на Французький бульвар
Dream casts a shadow over the French Boulevard

I would like to see how the camera comes close up to his sunglasses, then comes through it and shows us the picture this guy sees with his own eyes. Just like Fincher and Cuarón do in their movies.  This…

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