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Place Анна Ахматова і Слобідка-Шелехівська
Anna Akhmatova and Slobidka-Shelekhivska

However, few people know that young Anna visited the house of her aunt Anna Vakar in Khmelnytsky region, where mother of the poet Inna Stogova had lived the last years of her life. Anna Akhmatova is buried in the suburbs…

Place Театральний: провулок п’яти театрів та одного цирку
Theatrical: lane of five theaters and one circus

Everyone knows how the facade of Odesa’s hallmark – National Opera and Ballet Theater – looks like. However, its rear side is no less interesting. We offer you to take a look “behind the scenes”, explore charming Odesa courtyards that…

Place Вино і смак у пошуку дороги
Wine and taste in search of the road

For the first time since its repair, I will ride the highway Odesa – Reni. The abandoned industrial zone with new buildings in the background and walls decorated with drugs’ advertising, from time to time get diluted with abandoned facades…

Place Буша – Подільска таємниця
Busha – Podilia mystery

There is one village with eight hundred souls in the Vinnytsia region, it situates on the border with Moldova. It takes a long time to get there, no matter what is your starting point. It takes only four hours by…

Place Зі смолоскипом за Анонімусом у Паланок
Around Palanok with torch and Anonymous

Hobbling, but holding his torch high, a man that looks like a monk and wears a cloak with a hood meets us on the bridge in front of the castle gate. He nags the night guests, who came to the…

Place Аварія на ЧАЕС – 33 роки потому
Chornobyl disaster – 33 years later

As a result of radiation, thousands of people died. The radiation taken by the northwest wind quickly spread throughout a huge area, covering pieces of Ukraine, Belarus, and the Russian Federation. Albeit not so heavily, other countries also became irradiated.…

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