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Society Ринок землі – привабливий і жахаючий
The land market is attractive and terrifying

Now the owners of agricultural shares cannot officially sell them or use them as bank collateral. This is one of the factors that has been significantly inhibiting the development of small-scale farming in Ukraine for many years but contribute to…

Society SIM-картка за паспортом: «за» і «проти»
Registered SIM card: pros and cons

Does it remind the dictatorial laws of January 16? The bill was registered on Thursday, August 29, and on Tuesday, September 3, it was already withdrawn because the citizens remembered that there was a similar norm in the infamous dictatorial…

Society Чому люди не приймають ЛГБТ?
Why people in Ukraine are intolerant to LGBT?

Lack of Awareness Lack of awareness is the lamest reason because the digital epoch of technology and innovation lets people access any information just in a couple of clicks. However, in the paradigm of unlimited access, authenticity is significantly influenced.…

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