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Ukrainians who should be known around the world. Their life, views and beliefs.
Who is... Хто такий Мирослав Скорик?
Who is Myroslav Skoryk?

About parents, childhood, Siberia and the first creative steps My parents were not musicians. They graduated from the University of Vienna: my father’s qualification was history, my mother’s – chemistry. Then they worked as teachers in Lviv. My dad was…

Who is... Про життя та власні принципи легендарної письменниці, сучасну літературу, переклади, Чорнобиль, мову та відсутність страху – зі слів самої Ліни Костенко у рубриці «Хто це...»
Who is Lina Kostenko?

About life and her own principles My husband and I traveled all over Ukraine on his little “ZAZ Zaporozhets”. Believe me, this car can go where Mercedes gets stuck. Sometimes the writer believes that Ukraine should know him. And I…

Who is...
Who is Ada Rogovtseva?

About childhood, life and own principles In the fifth grade, I realized that I want to be a good actress to give my heart to people, it was at that level. And then you understand that without wit and without…

Who is... Іван Марчук
Ivan Marchuk

About childhood, learning, and life My father was a jack-of-all-trades and the best weaver in our area. He could literally weave Greek amphoras from a vine, the ones in which we could hide. What a pair of shoes he was…

Who is... Хто такий Віктор Пінчук?
Who is Viktor Pinchuk?

About childhood, parents and youth  The family has always lived in debt: for vacation, for the apartment. It seems that only when I was in the eighth grade, we moved to another apartment, and my parents also borrowed to buy…

Who is... Хто такий Ярослав Грицак?
Who is Yaroslav Hrytsak?

About childhood, adolescence, and student life My father grew up as an orphan; he was forced to give up many things in his childhood. Perhaps, that’s why he tried to make me a little happier than himself. In particular, my…

Who is... Мустафа Джемілєв
Who is Mustafa Dzhemilev

About childhood, parents and personal principles I was born and thought: “Where am I? Christmas trees, shooting everywhere… What kind of world is it? Since childhood, I adored weapons, wanted to have a sword but nobody gave it to me.…

Who is... Еліна Світоліна
Who is Elina Svitolina

About childhood and the choice of tennis The parents gave me and my brother the Greek names. His name is Julianus. The parents explained that they wanted to give special names to their children. In the times when I and…

Who is... Quoted: Patriarch Filaret about his way to God, LGBT, modern music and Putin-Cain
Who is Patriarch Filaret

About childhood and life As a kid, I was taken to church by my grandmother. But the school marked me with a smudge of disbelief. I wasn’t against God but had been raised in the spirit of the Soviet Union.…