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Ukrainians who should be known around the world. Their life, views and beliefs.
Who is... Хто такий Рефат Чубаров?
Who is Refat Chubarov?

About Crimean Tatars during Occupation Chubarov stresses: the life of Crimean Tatars is much harsher than of other Ukrainians on the territory of the annexed peninsula. “After all, in the very beginning we publicly and really massively demonstrated the rejection…

Who is... Хто такий Володимир Балух?
Who is Volodymyr Balukh?

The invaders detained Volodymyr Balukh in December 2016 and allegedly accused him of illegally storing ammunition, for which he was sentenced to 3 years and 7 months. Later, the Kremlin accused the Ukrainian of beating the policeman. The political prisoner…

Who is... Хто такий Святослав Вакарчук?
Who is Svyatoslav Vakarchuk?

About how he has become the person he is now Today Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is a real legend of Ukrainian music and example for young performers. However, replying the question how it was possible to achieve all this, the singer has…

Who is... Хто такий Сергій Притула?
Who is Serhiy Prytula?

About bright childhood and dreams of becoming a priest Recalling his childhood, Prytula confesses with a smile: his entire childhood was bright. “I had absolutely amazing, joyful childhood, from the very first day of my life and until today, because…

Who is... Хто така Людмила Монастирська?
Who is Lyudmyla Monastyrska?

About childhood and “Russian” singer Often, when you read new articles about Monastyrska, you can see next to her surname “Kyiv”. However, this is not actually correct, because, in reality, the singer’s homeland is not Kyiv at all. “I was…

Who is... Хто такий Юрій Гогоці?
Who is Yury Gogotsi?

About childhood and first passion for science Gogotsi got to the scientific environment from the very childhood. He was going with his father to work, where he disassembled old phones and played with various details. However, a real enthusiasm for…

Who is...
Who is Oksana Lyniv?

About childhood and music In fact, it turned out that the future conductor had been involved in music since childhood. “I was fond of music since I was five I attended piano classes because my mother played this instrument. Since…

Who is... Хто такий Юрій Андрухович?
Who is Yurii Andrukhovych?

About childhood without dreams to become a writer The man, who is today named as a patriarch of modern Ukrainian literature, in his childhood and adolescence, did not dream about writing since that was not the best time to represent…

Who is... Хто такий Василь Голобородько?
Who is Vasyl Holoborodko?

About creativity, first texts, and challenges At first, Holoborodko took his own creativity rather lightly. Everything had begun with two torn sheets that turned into a newspaper, which the poet and his peers filled with the text. “If in the…

Who is... Хто така Джамала?
Who is Jamala?

“We were among the first Crimean Tatars who bought a house in the Crimea” We used to call Jamal a singer from Crimea. However, do we know what was the road of the performer’s family to settling down on the…

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